• Hidden Gems in the Video Game Blogosphere

      Popularity is of utmost concern for many bloggers. Top search engine rankings lead to more visitors, which can lead to a sustained fanbase. Just like in the print world, broader readership equates to greater potential revenue. However, popularity isn’t a direct measure of quality. In the video game realm, some of the best blogs fly under the radar.

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    • Stuntvertising

      The math has changed. It used to be, you paid money to run an ad. A little piece of media, bought and paid for. The audience came with the slot. Today, of course, the ad is free to run. Post your post, upload your video. Free. What to measure, then? Well, one thing to measure is attention. How many likes or shares or views did it get? But if you're going to optimize for a ...

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  • Decision making, after the fact

    Critics are eager to pick apart complex decisions made by others. Prime Ministers, CEOs, even football coaches are apparently serially incompetent. If they had only listened to folks who knew precisely what they should have done, they would have been far better off. Of course, these critics have a great deal of trouble making less-complex decisions in their own lives.

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  • How to Develop Content For Every Stage of the Customer Journey

    Since content is an important piece of the marketing puzzle, it becomes almost impossible for a day to go by without marketers thinking of better ways to improve it. Its creation needs to come out of a properly laid out strategy that is incorporated in every phase of the customer’s journey. As such, content creation cannot just be a one-off project.

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  • How to Use SEO to Market a Property

    Whether you're attempting to sell the home you reside in, or you're trying to attract new tenants for your rental property, one of the keys to your success is going to be marketing your property. If you're working with a real estate agent, they'll do at least some of the work for you, but you'll still want to make some extra effort if you want to sell or fill your property fas ...

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  • What are Accelerated Mobile Pages and Why Should You Care?

    Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP pages, if you will) are a Google project intended to speed up the loading time of web pages on mobile devices. Beyond improving SEO (search engine optimization), and beyond being “mobile friendly,” the idea behind AMP is to make sure your site loads super fast on mobile devices.

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