• 15 Steps To Creating a Successful Event Marketing Campaign

    We know what events are. We know what marketing is. But when these two words come together, the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts. Event marketing is a versatile and impactful marketing channel that is increasingly becoming more critical across various industries. According to Forrester research, events make up for 24% of the ...

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  • 4 Advanced Reddit Content Marketing Tactics

    Reddit isn’t easy. Like cold outreach, nailing the content+subreddit intersection takes some planning to do well. Should you hit that intersection, though, the result can mean thousands upon thousands of visits to your content. In this video, I share four of the less-straightforward marketing tips to get the maximum amount of value from your distribution campaigns.

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  • Anatomy of a Google search listing

    Are you looking to dominate in Google search results? Your strategy needs to involve more than keyword research and a savvy AdWords campaign. In order to make the most of your Google presence, you need to craft a search result that entices users to click through to your web page. This is a crucial yet often-ignored aspect of SEO.

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  • ‘Facebook is the engine’: Overheard at Digiday Moguls

    Even when they’re at the beach, publishers obsess over Facebook. Digiday gathered C-level executives in Miami Beach, Florida, at our second Moguls event to discuss the issues on their minds. As with our other events, Moguls operates under the Chatham House Rule, which means comments are on the record but not attributed.

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  • Addressing the UK NCSC’s Cloud Security Principles

    As your organization adopts more cloud services, it's essential to get a clear picture of how sensitive data will be protected. Many authorities, from government regulators, to industry standards bodies and consortia, have provided guidance on how to evaluate cloud security. Notably, the UK National Cyber Security Centre offers a framework built around 14 Cloud Security Princ ...

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  • The Rundown: Reality check for publishing

    We have closed the new issue of Digiday magazine. Expect to receive it in a few weeks. You’ll get a PDF copy next week. Here’s what we’re tracking this week. Reality check for publishing For the past two days, we have hosted 25 top publishing executives as part of our Moguls event in Miami. The event focused on giving executives space to think through problems related to plat ...

    Brian Morrissey/ Digiday- 6 readers -
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